Below we have answered some of the common questions we get asked about our shutters. If you have others please ring us.

What are shutters?

Shutters have several generic derivations from ‘Plantation Shutters’ to ‘American Shutters’ and ‘Colonial Shutters’ to ‘Interior Wood Shutters’. They originally formed the barrier between the inside of a building to the outside elements where we would now see a glazed window.

Nobody is entirely clear of their origins but it is likely that they originated in colonial plantations, hence the generic terms, and allowed ventilation and light during the day (in place of glass) and security at night. A shutter is a set of horizontal louvres within a frame, hung to a surround fitted to the internal face of a window. The louvres can be tilted at different angles to temper light and privacy.

You can view a wide range of examples of shutters on our portfolio pages
Why would I use shutters?

Shutters are not only aesthetically pleasing but are extremely practical. While they can be used in conjunction with curtains they are very often the alternative.

Unlike drapes, which are either fully open or closed, shutters temper light, reduce visibility when appropriate and altogether enable the mood of the room to be changed by a simple adjustment of the louvres.  Shutters are dynamic and enhance the interior space.
Where would I use shutters?

Shutters can be installed to almost any window from period properties to the most modern and contemporary condominium. 

They have a timeless elegance which would feature well in the most important area in the house through to the utility room.
Do shutters fit any window?

 Shutters of Ireland shutters are made-to-measure in our own factory. Whether the window frame is timber, aluminium or UPVC, the shutters are designed and manufactured to allow the window to operate as originally intended.

On occasions where there are particularly awkward situations, Shutters of Ireland are able to come up with unique proposals & bespoke solutions, which are always presented on CAD (computer aided design) drawings for client approval prior to production.

What are shutters made of?

Shutters are traditionally made from a number of different timbers. The most commonly used are Cedar, Basswood and Poplar, all of which have excellent mechanical and joinery properties for shutter production.

There are also some man-made products available from polymers to medium density fibre boards (MDF). These tend to be limited in their application and are heavier, which in certain situations can cause stress on the framework and hinges. Timber is tried and tested and certainly has the credentials of longevity unlike the synthetic products.

Are there different styles of shutters?

Shutters of Ireland shutters are offered in a number of different styles:

Full Height’ which covers the window from top to bottom with a single panel or panels.
Tier-on-tier’ which consists of two or more panels over the height of the window, allowing the independent opening of the panels.
Cafe style’ which is a panel or panels covering the lower portion of the window generally half way up or to a point such as a horizontal glazing bar.

Additionally Shutters of Ireland can produce arched, angled and curved shutters which are manufactured from templates taken at the time of the survey. Shutters can be fitted with a number of different size blades and painted to any colour of the rainbow. Shutters of Ireland also has a wide range of timber stain finishes that in almost all circumstances can be coloured co-ordinated to exiting joinery or furniture.

Are shutters expensive?

Shutters used to be very expensive. In fact if you had to ask the price you probably couldn’t afford them. Well now that has all changed. At Shutters of Ireland, we manufacture our own shutters and bring them direct to the customer without having to go through a protracted supply line. Shutters of Ireland clients are constantly surprised by the good value of their shutters, and often after the initial presentation extend the requirement to include more windows than originally planned.

Apples for apples, they are often more cost effective than curtains and are also an investment for your home in the same way as you would consider a new bathroom, kitchen or wood flooring. They are an appreciating product and will add value to you property unlike curtains which will not necessarily appeal to a prospective purchaser. Everybody loves shutters!

How long will shutters last and what are the maintainence issues?

 Similar to any good piece of joinery or well made piece of furniture, shutters will last a life time and more. They will not deteriorate like curtains and won’t need to be taken down for periodic laundering. They will not harbour mites or smell of unpleasant odours.

In fact the only maintenance will be a dusting from time to time, which is best done with the brush attachment on the end of a vacuum. Virtually maintenance free with longevity, which makes it a ‘no brainer’ when coupled with aesthetic and practical reasons.

How do I buy shutters?

Shutters of Ireland believes in KISS (keep it sweet & simple). All the shutter styles are priced on a square metre, irrespective of louvre size, the number of the panels or the colour of the shutters. So in the first instance, to acquire a quote, all we need is the sizes of the window, which is generally the width and height of the reveal.

Quotes can either be done ‘on line’, by e-mail, by telephoning our office or by Shutters of Ireland carrying out a survey. While we travel anywhere in Ireland, or abroad at a fee, we generally like our prospective clients to be aware of the costs before visiting their house. So even if your requirement is more than one window, please call us in the first instance with the dimensions of one of the windows for a ‘ball park’ figure - we think you will be pleasantly surprised. If this meets with your satisfaction we will arrange a time to suit you (evenings and weekends included) to come and present our shutters. We will also  talk to you about the style, configuration and colour that will work practically and aesthetically for your property. After surveying the windows and taking detailed measurements we will be able to give you an accurate cost for the supply and installation of shutters in the selected windows. 

On approval of the quotation we ask for a deposit payment of 50%. Our shutters take approximately six to eight weeks to manufacture, though we do have a ‘fast track’ programme of ten days at a premium, at which time we return to carry out the fitting, which is undertaken by one of our fully trained installation engineers. On completion we then request the final balance. Many clients for whom we fit shutters comment “They’re even better than I envisaged and make the room look much bigger”

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