Shutters of Ireland shutters are clean and simple to install but only if they are surveyed and measured correctly. Our surveyors give expert advice on the aesthetic and practical aspects of how the shutters should be installed in line with your overall requirements. “Measure twice, cut once.”

Panel Configurations

type_fullheight3   type_fullheight2   type_tier2   type_cafe2   type_combination2type_shapes2   type_rakes2

*Full Height available with or without mid-rail.

Frame Positioning


Inside recess fit 90° panel swing


Reveal fit 180° panel swing


Outside recesss fit 180° panel swing

Sliding Sash fit 90° to 180° panel swing

Frame Options


L frames (inside or outside recess fit) 4No. options


Z frames (reveal fit) 2No. options


Deco frames (outside or recess fit) 2No. options

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