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Ireland's Premier Shutter Company

We sell wooden shutters for interior windows – apartments, houses, restaurants, hotels, offices, internal screens - opportunities for our shutters are everywhere.

We use the knowledge of window shutters that we have acquired over years to provide a logical solution for customers’ needs.

An ethical and environmentally-friendly solution, these issues are of paramount importance to us. We can give you good reasons to buy from us.

Shutters are hinged panels installed inside windows and used for a variety of reasons. Through them, the amount of sunlight entering a room can be changed easily.

Our wooden shutters provide security and privacy whilst looking fantastic in themselves and because we supply the finest shutters, constructed to the specifications of our own cabinet maker, we can be bold and offer shutters with an individual look and feel.

We supply shutters to match any colour of the rainbow. There are ten standard paint colour variations on white alone as the light in rooms varies so greatly, depending on which direction a room faces, the shape of a room and its decor.

Our surveyors discuss your shutter colours in situ so the aspects of each situation can be considered. Have a look around our website - don't forget to vist our portfolio of shutter images for inspirational examples of our wooden shutters.


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